Command-line Usage

To run Skip


To watch files in the directory and rebuild the project on changes

skip --watch

To watch and serve the site

skip --serve

You can also change the port the site is served on:

skip --serve --port 9090

default is 8080

To change the directory the site is output to

skip --output _mysite

default is _site

To copy files into the site folder

skip --copy style.css

This also works for multiple files

skip --copy style.css robots.txt

To change the location a file is copied to, add a : followed by the location within the _site folder:

skip --copy style.css:css/style.css

The resulting file will be at _site/css/style.css.

This will also recursively copy directories

skip --copy img

The img folder and everything it contains will be copied to the _site directory.

To fail when reading from a data file produces an error

skip --fail-on-error

By default Skip ignores data files that cause an error when it tries to read the data from them. When you set this flag, the error will be raised and the build will fail.